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Molecules, with their remarkable properties and functions, possess the potential to revolutionize our world. As we reflect on the history of science, it becomes evident that new molecules and their unprecedented qualities have been catalysts for nonlinear breakthroughs. This historical perspective sets the stage for understanding how innovation thrives through establishing connections between molecules and applications. Even when these connections may not immediately align with common sense, the essence of innovation lies in "connecting the dots" as famously expressed by Steve Jobs. This principle underscores the transformative power that arises when we unlock the full potential of molecules in various applications, driving progress and change.
We continuously develop molecules that align with these innovation criteria. Our aim is to delve into unexplored territories with the aspiration of creating one-of-a-kind molecules that seamlessly integrate structural beauty and unparalleled functionality (creation of new materials). Furthermore, we aspire to make our molecules active in the crossroads between fields that have never coexisted before (exploration of new fields). In particular, we will champion molecule creation chemistry anchored in three pillars: nanocarbon click chemistry (molecular synthesis and editing), molecular nanocarbon materials science (amazing structure and function), and molecular nanocarbon biology (unexplored areas).

  1. Itami Lab has moved to RIKEN
  2. Excellent Master Presentation Award in 2024
  3. Farewell party for Timo and Javier!
  4. The President’s Award in 2024
  5. (日本語) 神頭優理菜さんが東海支部長賞を受賞しました!
  6. Graduation Ceremony
  7. the 104th CSJ Annual Meeting
  8. Presentation of B4 experiment in 2024
  9. Final Presentation
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